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Beach Wading Bag
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Saves time while fishing different at different beach locations. You can carry your bait and some tackle in the front pockets and your fish in the bag. Mesh bottom to allow water to wash through (ruler not included).

Fish Measure
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Size 38cm (FM/1) and 80cm (FM/80) available. Legal sizes of most common species for each Australian state are shown on the back of the ruler.

Fish Scaler
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Strong plastic scaler that won't rust or cut your hand like a metal scaler.

Hook Disgorger
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A slender plastic implement that every angler should have to remove the hooks that some fish always manage to swallow.

Surf Kit
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A comprehensive Alvey accessory kit for all your surf fishing requirements.

Includes wading bag, bait bucket, tackle box, hook disgorger and scaler.

Reel Lube
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Top quality anticorrosive and water resistant grease for all your reels.


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