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Bait Pumps (Yabbie Pumps)

There is no better method than to use fresh bait when fishing. Try gathering your bait before you next wet a line - you will be impressed by the results. There is no substitute for the reel thing.

Bait Pumps
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With soft rubber grips over strong stainless steel handles, these suction pumps are for the extraction of worms, crustaceans and yabbies from sand and mud banks. Quality stainless steel and brass are used in their manufacture. Available in 24" (500mm) BP24, 30" (750mm) BP30 and 40" (1 metre) BP100 length barrels.


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Starting at the tail end thread the hook up inside the yabbie exiting just before the head. Going through the head will kill the yabbie and a live bait is always best.



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