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You've been patient, it's been two hours now ...

... suddenly you feel the weight as he takes your bait, you understand the importance of giving a little slack while remaining in total control and not freespooling - if you didn't have an Alvey you couldn't do this.

You lay in, BANG! He takes it, he is trying to brick you on those rocks, you appreciate the power of a 1:1 ratio - if you didn't have an Alvey you couldn't do this.

You stumble, you fall, damm! But you're OK - you rinse the sand from your reel in the ocean - if you didn't have an Alvey you couldn't do this.

Alvey Reels Australia has been encouraging anglers to fish with confidence for over 80 years. Since 1920 when the first reels were produced, Alvey Reels has been committed to providing you the angler, with quality fishing reels and accessories that will not let you down. We are anglers too and understand that reliability, long life and performance matter.

Together with maximum tolerance to nature's harsh elements (including salt and sand) these attributes are of primary importance in your quest to land the 'big ones'. Using only the highest grade components available, Alvey reels are manufactured to provide you with a fishing reel that is simple to use yet extremely effective. No matter what your style of fishing there is an Alvey reel to suit you.

Experience the thrill of casting great distances with only minimum weight. After only a little practice you will be casting these distances to fish on those outer banks you've always dreamed of reaching with rod and reel.

Note - Prices do not include GST, orders shipped within Australia will be charged GST. Overseas orders are exempt of GST.



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