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Becoming A better Fisherman

Becoming a Better Fisherman

The following information is provided courtesy of ALVEY REELS

The sole purpose of this information is to help you become a better angler - to give you good basic information that will make your fishing trips in Australia more enjoyable and let you fully enjoy this relaxing, fulfilling sport.

Alvey Reels Australia, Snyder Glas Rods and Platypus Lines are all privately owned Australian companies that manufacture in Australia. The following information draws from the 200 years of combined knowledge gained from manufacturing a wide range of quality products to suit Australian fishing conditions and from top competitive anglers.

Many books have been written giving instructions to the novice or beginner in the art of angling. Most have defeated their purpose by showing every conceivable knot, serving only to confuse and discourage the reader.

This information shows comparatively simple methods which have been developed and accepted by top competitive fisherman to give the maximum efficiency. Having been proved conclusively in keen competition, these methods can be recommended with confidence as being worthy of a try by all fishermen.

Important Environmental Notice

Remember for fishing to improve we all have to be responsible ... don't litter empty bait bags, beer ring packs ... discarded fishing line should never be thrown in the water ... always return undersized fish, never take more fish than you need.

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