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Thread: 1770 M&G from ROZ

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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    Well I see you did manage to get my mug in there somewhere. #Just wondering, what my left hand is doing in the pic ? # # # #

    Yes, Roz, thanks for the use of the house and your company ( not to mention cooking # # ). # That little session at Pancake Creek headlead, landbased was great, and so was the sight fishing for the bream over the sand.

    Next time you'll have to show me these Mackerel you keep telling me about. # # #

    cheers #Team ReBait
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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    Well done Roz and Co.
    Looks like I missed another great M&G at 1770. Can't wait to get up there now to wet a line myself ... only 10 sleeps to go!!!
    Unfortunately circumstances didn't allow me to join the ausfish gang in 2005 however I'm looking to make amends in 2006. Glad the weather and fish played along for once and you guys had heaps of fun.

    Very jealous,

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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    Good onya Roz, great report, and some great photo's.

    How far from the ramp were the Stone's speared. Hopefully not anywhere on the sand, we were letting the kids play around there while we were retreiving the boats.


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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    Nice read along with a nice lot of Pics Roz, especially the first one in the post.Looks like good weather,good fishing and a good time by all..

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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ


    Next time - next time... That relates to both Barra at Awoonga and my attendance at the next 1770 M&G.

    Nice work.


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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    Awesome pics Roz looks like a great time had by all! Do you have any daughters that like fishing as much as you Great report and well done!


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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    Great pics of a great trip Roz [smiley=2thumbsup.gif]
    Loved the social pics....
    The mullet

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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    They were fairly close to the ramp, 200m at the floating mariner I think

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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    Just want to add to that Blaze.

    They also told me at the marina that they often see up to thirty or so stone fish spread out over the bottom, often well out over the sand.

    I only thought those fish were rock dwellers, just goes to show.

    When are you coming back up Blaze?

    How is the sunburn Corry?



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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    Geday Roz ,
    Good to catch up again .
    Great trip report & photos .
    I heard that you had to show Team Rebait how to catch um #

    Searaider 2

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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    top report roz, even better
    photos. cant wait till the next one.

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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    Hi Mitch,

    I'll take that as a compliment, and no, I don't have a daughter. Tried to get my son into fishing but he prefers computers.

    I've lived and breathed fishing since about the age of five and I can't see myself changing.

    cheers roz


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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    Good report there Roz,
    Nice lot of pics.
    Looks like everyone had a good time.
    Brett and i were going to come and meet all of you but the way work is at the moment work comes first.
    Maybe next time.

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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    looks like a nice little blue maori cod, scored one of those in moreton bay, wasnt sure what it was, but they are a pretty lookin fish.


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    Re: 1770 M&G from ROZ

    Well,what a week,my plan was to leave Brissy at 5.00am Saturday and meet up with Scotty at the Shell at Nudgee,left work Friday arvo as keen as hell to put the final touches on packing and get to bed,get a phone call on the way home from the missus to say our dog has had an accident and needs to go to the vet...Bugger,there goes me plan and $450 bucks.Stayed home Saturday to make sure dog was ok and missed the Saturay night do.
    Now to plan B,left Brissie 2.30am Sunday morning arrived at Agnes around 8am drove up the driveway just in time to catch the boys loading the boat to head out for a fish, quick g'day's and gone,not a real productive day but it beats work'n.
    Sunday night saw the compulsory barbie at Roz's with her famous chilli mud crab...mmmm,even the kids were into it,nearly had a dust up with Newby's young bloke to see who was going to get the last bit of crab,backed off when he gave me the death stare.Monday was out fishing again and a lot of fish were brought on board which was a change from the day before,maybe it was the presence of Lucky Phill,but we wont admit to that.
    Monday night saw another good spread of tucker put on at Newby's and plenty of grog on hand of course and plenty of laughs.Tuesday saw us head to the Barcoola,arrived at the Barcoola and found the sounder covered in colour,seas were a bit sloppy and found it difficult to anchor,finally anchored but not really where we wanted to be so decided to pull up anchor and get right on the spot,unfotunately the reef pick decided it didn't want to come back up,so anyone wanting one there's one sitting on the Barcoola.
    Tuesday night it was off to Corry's,I was really starting to slow by this stage in the drinking stakes so only a few beers were taken for a chat and an early night,well,I think I got my second wind just when the beer ran out,Corry kindly offers his home made rum,yer why not,bloody good idea at the time,had a couple of them then Tony and Sandi turn up,well at 3am Tony kindly gives me a lift home,there goes the early night and I tell you what, at 3am with a belly full of rum looking up that driveway at Roz's wondering how the hell Im gunna get up there was gunna be a challenge,I must have made it as I woke up on the lounge.
    I finally surfaced at 9am,feeling really sorry for myself and wondering if anyone got the number of that road train that hit me last night,and contemplating whehter to go down the police station to have Corry charged with attempted murder.I was certainly in better condition than JD,the burley king.
    That afternoon Roz and went and I checked the crab pots for a good haul of both mud and sand crabs and 2 small sharks,pretty happy with that effort,put the pots back in ready for the next day,go back the next day to find three of he four pots had been ratted,if there were crabs in there they took them and cut the bait out of the holders and the pull strings off the top of the pots....bastards.
    Thursday saw anther day out on RE Bait and another full esky,although my contribution was minimal.
    Left Friday for Brissie sadly,but all in all a top week,a big thanks to Roz for putting me up or is that puttng up with me,there was never chance of us starving while Roz was in the kitchen,we all were fed and watered well all week,it was like being at home with mum and Roz's knowledge of the local area was invaluable.
    Great to meet a few new people and catch up with the old one's,3 cheers for the Tassie devils an absolute huge effort from you guys,theres probably heaps Ive left out but the batteries in this cordless keyboard are going flat and its giving me the shits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHEN'S THE NEXT ONE???????



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