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Thread: Hard day in the Office

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    Hard day in the Office

    Well what a tough day at the office it was today, but some of us had to go and do our bit.
    Daniel and myself headed to Caloundra from Mooloolaba with the plan of getting amoung the Schoolies, on the way down we had a few stops and flicked around at some sm Tuna with no luck.

    Got close to Curra's and a rain squall was coming over Caloundra so i made the decission to hold back and chase some schools of tuna working, I managed to get a couple so then it was time
    to anchor up for a short time, so the burley trail was underway and it was not long and strange things started to happen with our floaters, they were screaming, not with Mack's but good size Grassies then I dropped a sm mack and then Daniel got his along with a Squire and 2 more grassies buy this time we had moved wider and drifting in a currant line when the the floater went berlistick, so all rods in, clear the decks we are thinking quietly Spaniard
    as the call was made, this is the BIGGEST fish for the day and after 5 min or so we had the 1.5m Noah on board
    and after that things went quite and we decided to pack it in for the day

    Notice Daniel I never mentioned about Grassie, the one that near got away and jupmed from one rod to the other.

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    Re: Hard day in the Office

    Daniel with a couple of his grassies.

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    Re: Hard day in the Office

    Daniel's Noah

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    Re: Hard day in the Office

    good stuff guys. few nice fish there. those grassies are a solid side.

    Cheers Phil
    Bring on the Marlin!!!

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    Re: Hard day in the Office

    Some good fish there, and i bet the sharkie went pretty hard, Well done

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    Re: Hard day in the Office

    It was a great day
    thanks steve [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

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    Re: Hard day in the Office

    Well done Westie & Daniel. They are nice lookign grassy's


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    Re: Hard day in the Office

    That's a good bag of fish in my eyes. Those sweetlip give a great fight for their size especially on light gear.
    I'm looking to go the banks tomorrow if the weather is as good as it looks on seabreeze
    Were there many boats out today


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    Re: Hard day in the Office

    Nice catch boys, there good size size grassies thats for sure.


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    Re: Hard day in the Office

    Westie there great size grassies your happy with that
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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