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    Pin whiting

    headed out to the pin for fish with my old man, we ended up with 22 fish. started fishing around 1.30 and came in at 9 pm, however we didn't get that many whiting after dark the pin is funny like that you nomarly get your whiting during daylight.
    1 tarwine 38 cm
    2 bream
    19 whiting

    all on yabbies

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    Re: Pin whiting

    the catch

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    Re: Pin whiting

    nice catch there.

    it has been a while since I chased whiting, but I am keen to have ago this summer. I fish up the Pin a fair bit, but mainly for flatties on sp's - can you give me any tips on locations, etc.

    I have seen guys pumping for yabbies at the southern end of whalleys - is this where you get your yabbies, or is there a better bank up there?


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    Re: Pin whiting

    yep thats a good spot for yabbies , but south stradie is good for little yabbies which big whiting love. Try the edge of the green bank for whiting. after rain it is also good to get up onto to banks to fish for whiting.

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