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Thread: Mud island

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    Mud island

    hi guys im a new member an have been looking at your reports over the past few days and decided to join. Me an me father in-law fish mud a fair bit pretty much everytime we go out unless weather permits a nice trip to moreton. anyways we never get any quality fish like the ones you guys have pictured in these forums. we have pulled the odd nice squire to 50cm and some nice bream to around the 1kg mark. anyways was just wondering what bait or sp's you's use to catch those beasty snapper. we usually use whole squid an pillies but never seem to catch those fish people reckon mud is popular for.
    looking foward to posting some pics when we go out next,

    cheers , krazed1

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    Re: Mud island

    I'm wisth you young man, where are these fish and what bait are the chomping????

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    Re: Mud island

    kinda glad 2 see we arent the only ones bummin out lol

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