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Thread: wide caloundra saturday

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    wide caloundra saturday

    left 3 30 am for the fingers on cal wide baged out on large perlys almost straight a way moved up to the midle banks to get away from them got 4 snapper 1 o/s and 6 good size parrot + 1 sole never caught one out there before heard a few of you on 21 good run home did not spill a drop hoga

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    Re: wide caloundra saterday


    Sounds like you got a good feed. Did you get your prop sorted?


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    Re: wide caloundra saterday

    mark & others thanks for input on the prop solas gave me another one to try motor reved out more it was using more fuel for les speed but was will go back to a 19 it seams to be the most economical # hoga

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    Re: wide caloundra saterday

    Sounds like you had a top trip Brian good to here
    planning the next onslaught 6.5m Profish

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    Re: wide caloundra saterday

    top day brian

    cheers pete

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