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Thread: Tingalpa Reservoir

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    hey all, mossy here (a.k.a. bobby77788 - my old account stuffed up)

    though the thought of sharing my fishing spots with alot more people doesnt really appeal, id love to be able to go to the dam without having to jump fences, or sneak in, so call on me if i can help in any way. got a dozen tilipia in about two hours in the holidays, they really seem to come on at about dusk.

    on our first trip to the dam we found an interesting grunter, we took it to the ANGFA (australia and new gineu freshwater fishes association) and noody there could indentify it ( which was a very odd considering the knowledge levels of some of the people there) so we took it to the meauseam. A guy there said that it was an artificial hybrid (done with artifical insemination) and was half banded grunter half silver perch. .. it would be interesting if they could be caught on a line in the dam, as our fella died in a tank at around 15 cms.

    hope we can get some stocking going

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    ill put my hand up, itd b great to have a gud fresh stock clsoe to home for once

    cheers, troy

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    Fitzy if I lived near there I'd have my hand up in a second, imagine a jack fishery in Brisbane. I believe in fresh they can become monsters. Managed properly you could turn that into a tourist icon and surely a council would see the benefit in that!! I'll watch with interest.

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    hey mossy, the hybrid theory isn't to far fetched. There are alot of hobby farms that drain into the lesly harrison that are stocked with australian natives. Its possible that someone purchased some silver perch from a hatchery that had a mix of hybrids in it and when there dam overflowed they swan down into the dam.

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    i wonder how big these hybid things will get..... i wonder how common these things are in the dam.... could be worth targeting. has anyone else seen anything like this before?

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    Just seeing if there has been any developments with this. If there is anything I can do to help move this along please let me know.

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    yip count me in .
    for a council that wants more revenue and tourism a jack park would be great.


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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    I am willing to give it a go as well and help out any way I can. I will PM you Fitzy with my details.

    Live every day as if it's your last - for one day you're sure to be right!

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    Quote Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
    If there was enough interest in stocking this lake, I'd be prepared to do the yards & put a proposal together to present to Redlands Council to see how much access can be gained. There's no point stocking fish in there if nobody is allowed to go there to catch them....
    I'd also put togther a management plan for the lake & then hand it all over to a community group to run once all the paperwork etc is done.

    Remember that DPI&F will only support a stocking program if theres a community group involved. No community group = no fish stocking program.

    Do I see any hands getting raised to be on a stocking group?? [smiley=gossip.gif]

    Post up.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]


    I know it is over 3 years later but Redlands city does not control the dam any more it is the state government. Would help off set closures in Moreton bay? Any body interested in flogging a dead horse? PM or post up here if any genuine interest. Thanks Matt

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    It would be good to see a bass lake closer to home

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    I'd be happy to help. Let's have another go.

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    happy to help if possible let me know what i can do...

    i live 2 streets away from it drive past and think how good it would be if we could use it...


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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    I have heard rumours for a while that there has been a M.S.P happening on that body of water for a while...(midnight stocking program)

    I lived at warriewood road at chandler for 4 years and use to drive down and set lines some nights,caught and killed alot of tilapia but never found the so called bass...maybe outnumbered by the tilapia??maybe just local legend??

    Anyhow count me in,I work on a number of redland shire councillors cars at work...will ask whom and what to ask next one that comes in.

    Always annoys me that on the way to the other dams,I have to pass one that would be perfectly suited right on my doorstep.

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    Apparently SEQ water are reviewing the recreational use of their dams. Not certain if public responses are invited. Story that I heard is that they have commissioned a private firm to carry it out. Does anyone know the true story.
    Now would certainly be an opportune time to start raising the issue especially with an election on the horizon.
    I would love to get my freshwater fix locally rather having to drive 100k once or twice a week.

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    Hello Stevo here, still interested in helping. Wheather that is being part of the group to run or organize it. If it was to say have a limited number of people on it at one time or a number of licences to fish on it each year. or even to stock it if/when we get the go ahead. I think being part of this could be very good if Ausfish people could have a big role in it. Plenty of us around here local and lets face it it's still closer than driving to any other Dam so that means there is alot of us that fall into being Locals now... with the knowledge which is avaiable out there from A/fish members and ideas we should keep on this one to see if we really have a chance to get on this stretch of water.
    just my two cents worth
    Life begins when you get one!!!

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