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Thread: Tingalpa Reservoir

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    I'd be willing to help where ever i can. My scedule is pretty full though between 5 days at uni and working on weekends. A big issue is the tilapia dieing off each winter, if you can give evidence that stocking another higher order preditor or would reduce numbers you might be able to presnet a decent arguement of improved water quality.

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    hey fitzy,

    if you could give us an idea of what would need to be done if we raise our hands it would be easier to see whether it's doable. like jeremy i'm very busy but i am also very interested.


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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    i would love to help anyway i can, but i've moved down to the gold coast now so the council would probbal ignore me :| but if there is anyway i can help, be it doing footwork, calling people up etc i'm more than happy to assist

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    There was an article in the local rag saying that state government might take over redlands water supplies because of the current water shortage. I wonder if sun water would be an easier egg to crack than the redlands council.

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir


    Could you provide some information as to what is required to get involved and run a management plan for such a program?



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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    yeh im willin to help out wat ever needs to be done. i would love to c a damn bein stocked wit decent fish close to wher ei live. so count me in [smiley=thumbsup.gif].
    cheers steve

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    G'day Fitzy,

    I don't normally look at the "Freshwater Fish Stocking" section of this website and so please excuse the lateness of this reply.

    I don't know what is involved and I don't know if my background and capabilities are sufficient but if I can I am happy to help in anyway I can.

    So please consider my hand in the air.


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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    I to would help out as it seems like a few others will. I also don't know what and how involved it may get, but many hands make light work. It is an ideal location if it was to open up as it is a shorter drive than to any other location, and this may mean there may be more work as it might get VERY WELL used. As there is alot of Ausfishers within a 30 min drive maybe a few more can put their hands up to help? p.s another reason to get out and talk fishing.

    Life begins when you get one!!!

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    Well put Stevo.


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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    Sounds good


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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    Any further to this?


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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    I would be in on a chin wag (beer) to discuss this, it's not exactly close to home (western suburbs) but sounds like a good cause. *raises hand*

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    My hand is up to. I think the council doesn;t even use the water, its only there for emergency use such as if the water supply from Straddy ever dries up. I would even purchase a permit from council to fish there or even pay each time I fished there. What harm can an electric motor on the back of a cannoe do. Am all for it, count me in. PS. There are bass in there.

    Cheers Adds....

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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    If it is going to happen, it going to be a long drawn out process. I've made some enquiries thus far & I have to say there will be alot of resistance for several reasons. I wont go into them here however if/when I get something concrete, i'll report back here.
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    Re: Tingalpa Reservoir

    I'm in also, used to fish there when i was a kid, my mate caught the biggest eel tail catfish we had ever seen at the time (around 55cm). Such a beautiful stretch of water.

    Are we just talking fishing off bank or electric motor only like Hinze dam?

    Let me know how i can help, am fairly local to area.

    If we finally get councils onside the next issue might be blockage of proposal from residents on dam. Cant see property owners on the dam wanting people wondering banks near their homes.

    I know the banks are not their property but this may happen.


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