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Thread: MY NEW DAM.

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    good stuff i have a dam at a friends place thats about 2 times bigger and is stocked with murry cod and bass ,yella belly just make sure theres plenty of weed for your small feeder fish as it will help big time , theres nothing better than going to a place and knowing your in for some good fishing, good luck and keep us informed on the progress .cheers bdowdy

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    We got 40 odd mls of rain in the storms on Sunday evening. First bit of water found it's way into the dam. It's a couple of ft deep, so it's an encouraging start. Bloody dogs think it's their personal swimming pool, that's gotta stop.

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    l looks like your dogs enjoy the new dam, good to see some rain there it wont take long and you be wetting that line. cheers bdowdy

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    Enjoying the thread mate, the anticipation is killing me and I'm just reading about it. Keep the reports coming for the next couple of years as it progresses. I can't wait to see the photo of your first fish capture out of it.

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    great looking pond fella
    will you be putting more structure in there at some time?


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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    Yeh bdowdy, bloody dogs think everything we do is for them. They're spoilt rotten. The anticipation's killing me too Shane. I'm a weather nut already, but I'm constantly scouring the weather sites and praying for massive downpours, bring on the storms! And Daz, I've scored a couple more logs to put in there, but not much more hard structure, mainly lillies and stuff around the edges.

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    Just wondering if 30 or 50 tyres placed in there would be any good for structure. But I love it, have you got a ramp there so you can launch the boat to easily work on your trailer
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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    Didn't think about that Roughy. That'd look so funny with my boat sitting in it, make a cracker photo.

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    Will your dam be electric only, or would my 5.5m full boar 115HP be okay to launch there?

    Not enough time in the day, to many spots to fish!

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    Yeh drop it in there Roydsy, but please stick to the 6 kt speed limit .

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    hehehe damn my 82lb electric does close to that speed

    Hey, i think you are going to have to fence it off from the dogs. Good luck with it all, green with envy!
    Not enough time in the day, to many spots to fish!

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    Bit of an update for any of those interested. Got pretty smashed up by the storm saturday night, our neighbourhood was badly hit. We were lucky with no serious damage to the house, but heaps of tree's down. Upside is we got about 60mm of rain in about 45mins, meaning serious run-off. Dam is now about 2/3rds full. Some of the logs are floating, hopefully they'll get waterlogged and sink. Got plenty of gum trunks laying around the yard if I need replacements anyway.


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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    From the other end.

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    Hey Tiges

    Your running out of time to put in your screened, trickle flow outlet to keep the critters in etc after she fills!

    Looks like one or two more rains and you will have it to the top. Cool.

    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: MY NEW DAM.

    Keep 'em coming, loving this thread.

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