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Thread: Show us your cod

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    Re: Show us your cod

    Picked this one up by hand out of a canoe in the Murray downstream from lake mullwala. Had been lost boat side by some guys out from our camp and was just lolling on the surface. Couldn't believe they didn't see it surface just behind their boat - tried to let them know but they weren't interested so I went and grabbed her. Swam her for 30 mins plus as it just did not want to swim down at all. Was tagged and on getting the details through it had been near 3 years since tagging and hadn't moved at all (released at same spot) Was 22kg when tagged and 105cm - our rough measure was 106 but reckon it must have been a bit more given time at large and probably 25kg. Eventually got it swimming and released ok but still cruising the surface.
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    Re: Show us your cod

    Nice fish there buddy. Well done mate.
    Cheers, Doug.
    Love to use Preditek or Kingfisher lures or Viva Lures when I am out fishing.

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