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    Exclamation Agnes Water / 1770 M & G 2024

    Howd'y folks,

    Although there is no official Ausfish M & G this year, there will be many members up there over a 2 week period from end of August up to the start of school holidays on the 14th September.

    Some of these members are also ####### members.

    A bit of history happening as well, with this year marking the 20th anniversary of the first ever Ausfish Agnes Water / 1770 M & G.

    It also marks the 10 year anniversary of the ####### M & G.

    Way back in February 2004, about a dozen hardy soles and some tinnies ventured to 1770 for a lot of drinkies and creek bashing with all of us being mostly unknown to each other, except for our ramblings here on the forum. .

    The event was supported by locals from the bakery and tackle shop.

    A bigger event took part in October of that year, which coincided with the Power Boat Anglers club also spending their yearly trip away there.

    Since then, member boats have got bigger and more members making the trip from as far away as New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. The event culminated in a way no way expected with 130 members and 32 boats participating a few years ago.

    Memories and friendships were created by way of " cook-offs ", fishing comps, prawn peeling comps, Mini M & G's, over-night trips to the islands, search and rescues, 4 x 4 treks and a host of mini adventures that are best left the members to reminisce about.

    If anyone here is keen to attend this gig, respond below and we'll get you sorted. We share GPS locations, houses, cars, boats and bottles of " Joy "...

    If anyone who has attended any of these events would like to comment, please do.

    Cheers LP
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    Re: Agnes Water / 1770 M & G 2024

    I've attended a few of these back in the starting years, loved them dearly. Went to as many as I could before I left the area. The cook offs at Ros' place, Newby trying his best to out do everyone, I've got some fantastic memories from these events. Can't remember his name now, but there was even a member that used to fly up from Tassie, now that was dedication. The support that Tony (Agnes Jack @ Agnes Bait and Tackle) gave the events was awesome. Not sure if many of the original members are still around and active. I used to tow my tinny down the weekend before, leave it a Tony's place, then come down the first weekend with my Cruise Craft.

    Now we're up in Cairns, it might be a challenge to get down there, but the kids are still in Gladdy, so it's not fully out of the question.
    Stick me on the list LP, if I can make this happen, I will.

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    Re: Agnes Water / 1770 M & G 2024

    Been to a few myself, lots of funny guys, great fun, some great and some not so great fishing, lots of members that no longer post here, but we’re real “characters” in their day..

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