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Thread: Feckin Sharks

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    Feckin Sharks

    What is it of late with Sharks ??!!.. Feckers ar eevrywhere. Went for a Fish over the weekend, not bad enough with BOM getting their weather report AGain!! WRONG but got onto a Sholl or should i say three Schools over the day of Really Nice Big Red Emperor only to have them taken after each hookup bu Big Sharks.
    First time ever in my years of Fishing ive had two Reels spooled of Braid by the M##ther #eckers .
    Had to puul up each time and move save good Fish being eaten by Sharks..
    Never mind at least done the right thing but Sooooooooooo Many Sharks is unbelievable ??, Why is it so at present ??.

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    Re: Feckin Sharks

    My thoughts only, there's always been plenty of sharks around but from my own observation there seemed to be a change after the qld govt gave the rights to trawl for local pilchards for a couple of years, this was quite some time ago. Wiped the stocks out now rarely get pilchards when bait jigging, mind you the local pillies were less oily than WA pillies.
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    Re: Feckin Sharks

    You are not alone Volvo....

    people will tell you all sorts of answers.....electric reels, deck winchs, different moon phases shark deterrant devices etc etc..

    mate if the sharks are there and in the mood then there really is nothing you can do but move and then they will probably be at the next spot too....if they are hammering me in the deep water i will usually just give up and hit the shallows for trout and other reefies..

    sounds like you might need some heavier rods too...rather then be spooled you just have to tighten the drag right up and apply serious thumb pressure if they are overheads and just wait for it to break...which isnt always easy with 80lb braid..

    even a bloke on a handline cant get the fish up fast enough...

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    Re: Feckin Sharks

    Yeah mate you might be right there too..Have heavier Rods and heavier braid but when you know the size of the critters below doubt anything will help except like you said "Move On".
    Tis a shame because they were decent sized Reds too but no way wouild i stay there and see them be shark fodder ey
    Never mind , next time and we still got a Good Feed at days end so cant complain Fishwise..

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    Re: Feckin Sharks

    Start catching sharks Volvo throw it back over the side and the other sharks will eat that one, so you can catch fish.

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    Re: Feckin Sharks

    These ones were a tad too big for this little vegymite to haul over the side mate , lol.

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    Re: Feckin Sharks

    If sharks aren't commercially fished but every other species is it makes sense that there's going to be more sharks now and a hell of a lot more in the future.

    And they are learning to associate fishing boats with an easy feed. Everyone I've spoken to up the east coast of Queensland is having issues with sharks taking fish.

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