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Thread: Tackle bags

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    Tackle bags

    Just looking at a fishing store online for tackle bags ,havenít they gone up in price the dearest a Plano Atlas 3700 back pack on sale for $245 water proof too what a bargin .

    Ive got a big Gladstone type bag that holds a lot and there lays the problem finding what I know Iíve put in it.

    So now Iím thinking of those clear top canvas bags to organize things a bit better.

    Whats everyone else use??????.

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    Re: Tackle bags

    I had several custom made out of marine zips to fail, only velcro to close.
    Drainage holes in the bottom corners.
    They take a 3600 waterproof tray standing on edge in a compartment front and back with a compartment betweeen that will take the same size tray flat and stacked to higher than the ones on edge are tall.
    A large pocket each end and the top covers and closes with velcro.

    So i basically have three trays per bag....then in the middle compartment I have bags of plastics etc and the third tray sits on top.

    I have 4 bags in total....each for different styles of the ones I want for the day.

    These will outlast me I am sure....the ones you buy from the shops fail within 2 years with salt.

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    Re: Tackle bags

    The bag ive got now the zips are coverd they have been good but just too big with lots of hidy wholes i think ive just too much gear .

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    Re: Tackle bags

    I've gone away from tackle bags now. I've got the fitted tray storage that holds 3 trays, these hold the hooks, swivels, split rings and such, sinkers are kept in a plastic bottle in the side pocket, I got First Light Fabrication tooling and mounted on the cutting board and all lures, jigs etc are kept in Ocean Legacy Lure rolls in the side pockets.
    I'll be doing the same with the little boat when it arrives, I've grown a hate for having tackle bags or boxes on the floor and having to rummage through them to find what I'm looking for. Now the floor is clutter free, and everything I want for a trip is already in the boat and the important stuff is always at hands reach.

    PS. First Light do fantastic stubby holders that hold Yeti coolers and tumblers awesomely too

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    Re: Tackle bags

    One thing I look for is big plastic zippers and not metal ines.
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    Re: Tackle bags

    Iíve got a waterproof shimano tackle bag with plastic zippers. Had it for about 10 years. Still perfect. Every other bag Iíve had with metal zippers always last about 12 months

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