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Thread: Lithium battery build

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    Re: Lithium battery build

    That looks great Chris.

    Would love to know what size air con and how long it will run it for?

    Wish I had the kahunas to do this myself, I've got a decent void in our camper that I'd love to put a power supply in that could run the aircon for a while.

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    Re: Lithium battery build

    800watt window rattler and it was pulling 60.9 amps with the compressor running so it would run for about 3 and half hours if it ran at 100% with the compressor on thats a 230amp cells it was pulling 9amps with just the fan an,a 43cm tv was pulling 4.5 amps i just did it to take some power out of the cells once it was charged you dont want them sitting there full.

    Black outs are in the past for me now.

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