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Thread: Composite blank for light surf

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    Composite blank for light surf

    Hi all,
    not so many sniffing around this site any more but wanted to ask a question anyway. I did a search for light surf blank and found one from 2013 but Iím not sure about the availability of some of the blanks these days Exel /PAC composite surf blanks. Iíve checked on MOT and done a general search but canít seem to find much information.

    Iím after a high quality light composite blank around 3.6m, 1 or 2 piece 4-6kg mono to use with new super light graphite AlveyÖ.bream, dart etc and maybe also be able to throw on unweighted pilly for bait spinning. Realistically that may have to be another build. Iíve built numerous heavier surf with FSU 4&5120 and have old glass MT4144 but Iíd really like to get a nice light strong composite blank. I see now on MOT that there are graphite versions of numerous MTs, so was thinking maybe a GMT4144 & 6144 but out of the loop now in terms of Livefibres and others. Lots of good tech these days although Australia has often had a pretty meagre selection of quality surf blanks to choose from.

    I can also see there are obviously major supply issues across many manufacturers & retailers resulting from Covid, overseas conflicts etc.Very frustrating

    thanks all for your input, Mike

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    Re: Composite blank for light surf

    Ya right Mike, not that many here anymore, I can't help you with your questions, but I do miss the older days when there was a lot of 'chat' here about building personalised rods, was enough that I got keen to get in to it at one stage but moving around for work made it difficult then, now I've got a bit more time have contemplated having a shot.
    I remember Roz made a pearler once, had an image of a marlin on it if I recall correctly, was some time ago now. Keen to follow your progress if you do start a build.

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    Re: Composite blank for light surf

    Hi Corry, thanks so much for your reply. Youíre right, I remember when I first joined about 15 years ago and this site was humming. I remember Roz well, she was a keen builder but used to love Stuart's comments the most, he used to really crack me up with his probably unintentional but hilarious replies. His knowledge about all aspects of blank design and manufacture was unmatched. I remember one guy was talking about building an SU9177 with a huge Alvey for a beach stick and in Stuart's first comment, was you better get down to the gym because that rod will be like carrying a Besser block.

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    Re: Composite blank for light surf

    Hi Mikey. Its a completely different ball game to 10-15 years ago that's for sure - back when Snyder Glas and PC were still rolling blanks in Brisbane! Wilson has got Kilwell NZ to roll a few of the old Snyder blanks due to popular demand, i wont get into the arguments about old glass vs new glass but i have built and fished on a couple and they are beautiful blanks.

    Here's my take on it all.

    There are a few light surf composite blanks for bream, dart and surf flatties that would cast an unweighted pilly - i'll start from the lighter end and go up.

    Kilwell/Snyder HHGT - has a wrap of carbon in the butt for strength, lighter fibreglass tip/faster action compared to a MagBream
    Kilwell/Snyder MagBream - has carbon in the butt and a larger diameter butt for added power down low. A bit slower (more glass) in the tip for a more rounded curve but definitely has lifting power where you need it.
    Kilwell/Snyder CR3145C - this is the old GP3145 with a wrap of carbon in the butt. The all glass 3145 is a beautiful stick for 4-6kg with a nice parabolic curve. The carbon in the butt would increase the lifting power and potentially speed up the action (i havent got my hands on the composite one yet)
    Kilwell MT4144G - there are a few of these floating around but i am yet to get my hands on one. 4144s have a light tip and lock up in the top 1/3 of the blank. More suited to fishing off the rocks in my opinion but people swear by them for light surf. I prefer a deeper, more forgiving bend.

    FYI - in my opinion the new live fibre blanks are nothing on the old red ones. Avoid at all costs. If you can track down a red live fibre ZMT4144 (12') or ZCR4126 (10'6) these would be perfect for your needs I built a lot of the ZCR4126 blanks up for light surf when they were available. Try marketplace for New Old Stock blanks but be warned some blokes like to take the pi$$ with the old blanks.

    6144 are the perfect tailor rod which will handle a legal jew so i would think too heavy for your application.

    Where are you located? I am in Brisbane southside if you ever want to come pull on some blanks.


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    Re: Composite blank for light surf

    hi Andrew,
    thanks so much for your reply. Iíve hardly been looking on here with the chaos of school holidays, cyclones, and home repair jobs. Thatís really useful information youíve posted and exactly what I needed. Unfortunately, Iím up in Townsville, so unable take you up on your kind offer of bending a few sticks. However, Iíll be moving to Brisbane at the end of next year when I can buy a 4wd and dust off the arsenal and rekindle my love of beach fishing.

    I used to love the Butterworth blank catalogue years back and knew it pretty well by heart, but I find itís tricky now to get information on just blanks as the majority of rods are all built up which doesnít interest me at all, even apart from the fact that many arenít even built properly. Blows me away that you can spend >$300 on a factory built rod which isnít even built close to the backbone. For me, thatís just about the most fundamental step in building your own rod. Iíve seen people on here mention Magbream, Magsurf etc but Iíve never been able to see specifications for blanks or some of the others you mentioned. Iíve searched Wilson, MOT, Exel comp without success.

    Iíll probably have to wait till I move because I generally donít like to build without seeing how they feel in your hands, taping on a reel etc. Another big problem these days is freight for blanks as many companies now hands down refuse to carry anything longer than 2.5m. Those that do charge like wounded bulls. I donít understand why itís suddenly such a problem but it is. Once Iím in Brisbane Iíll be able to pick up because I prefer to build one piece where possible.
    Iíd be keen to look at all of those blanks and like the sound of the ZMT4144 and the ZCR4126. Iím not sure where you mean to search for these old red live fibres.
    Thanks so much for your answer Andrew. Much appreciated, Mike

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    Re: Composite blank for light surf

    No problem Mike

    I'm rarely on here these days. Will try to post the specs for the snyder glas blanks. Wilson/Kilwell supposedly using the snyder mandrels to reproduce these blanks but there are some discrepencies, and specs are hard to come by.

    The old style live fibres had a maroon/red finish over the carbon fibre section of the​ rod blank and were sanded; the new live fibres are a dull black/grey carbon weave and unsanded. There is something cheap/plasticy about the feel of the new ones hence my reluctance to build on them.

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    Re: Composite blank for light surf

    Hi Andrew, Iím hardly ever here now but thanks for the info. Mike

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