Seafood Pie.....
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    Seafood Pie.....

    Well, I have tried to do individual pies with pastry top and bottom and failed slightly, so here is my " rough " dished seafood pie.

    Seafood Pie - Algona Style

    Grab probably a kilo of fish / prawns / scallops / other things ? carb meat, cuttlefish / squid ( or better still, grab 1kg of marinara mix from the deli at Coles or Woolies, like I did )
    Some milk into a saucepan…maybe cup full… add ½ onion in there and heat to almost boil, add cream… 300ml thickened.. when reached the boil, drop in fish / seafood. When that comes to the boil, take off…. Remove / drain seafood and onion. Discard onion. Keep the sauce…
    Béchamel sauce is what we are trying to make.
    Separate saucepan, melt some butter … a dollop ? , add plain flour , maybe cup or more , until mixed well… then add seafood. Stir in the sauce as well now.
    In this mix add things like parsley, nutmeg, anything, leeks, small pieces of carrot, mushroom…. Salt and pepper, ( I used a can on Peas and Carrot, as the marinara mix already has parsley in it. ) Just season it to taste… even chilli flakes or curry powder etc…. You’ll need a 20 – 30cm square baking dish. Pour mixture into the dish.
    Place the dish in the fridge for 20 minutes or so. Then:-
    Either smooth over the top….. mash potato or a layer of puff pastry.
    .Press the edges of the pastry to the top edge of the dish. Decorate the pastry ? left over pastry cut into shapes, drag a fork through it… ???
    The pastry will require an egg wash, use only the egg white
    Then, oven at 180 for 30 minutes or so……. Maybe up to 45…… depends on how good your oven is…… I actually did 170 for 40 minutes, as I have a good oven and fan forced, cooked it on the bottom shelf.
    The pie mix will turn out juicy . runny-ish when hot, it does thicken up if put in the fridge to eat the next day, but hot tastes better than cold. For a meal, add some Sweet Potato chips on the side and a dinner roll to soak up the left over juice / sauce.. …….. ><>

    cheers LP
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    Re: Seafood Pie.....

    Looks alright

    my mum use to make one but used flake or hoki as was easily available in nz in the 80s

    but instead of pasty on top was breadcrumbs with some Parmesan cheese mixed in.

    Parmesan cheese was pretty exotic stuff in rural nz in 1976 lol

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    Re: Seafood Pie.....

    I think my mum and now my daughter uses this or a very similar mix for a Cob Loaf.

    We've found a Fruit Market in Cairns that sells what looks like homemade Seafood Pies... they are to die for.

    My missus also makes our own seafood pizza's for footy nights. Uses that marinara mix from Coles, puts it and some white sauce and cheese on bread rolls cut in half, puts em in the air-fryer... again, they're to die for

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