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    Cape Melville

    G'day ferrets,

    I just got back from a week or so at 1770, yep, we donged some fish and got sharked a lot, but to more important matters.

    Next week I head off on a long awaited journey. 8 people, 4 boats, a hybrid caravan, trailer full of fuel and gear and 5 vehicles. One small boat sits atop the trailer.

    2,000k's of bitumen and 200k's of dirt and camped on the beach at Crocodile Camp grounds... Bathurst Bay in the Cape Melville national park.

    I'll do a wrap up when I return mid October.

    Couple of 1770 photos below, I hope ?

    cheers LP
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    Re: Cape Melville

    Nice haul LP, looks like a good trip was had.
    Look forward to the report when you get back from Bathurst Bay, we're looking at a trip up there in the near future hopefully, keen to hear how yours goes.

    Travel safe

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    Re: Cape Melville

    Living the dream. Enjoy your trip to Bathurst Bay, loved that area.
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