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Thread: Full Page pop up Ads.

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    Full Page pop up Ads.

    Anyone else getting these full page pop up ads? Super annoying and sometimes they donít want to close. A number of times Iíve had to refresh the page to get rid of them

    is this something the site has signed up to or been forced upon by the web host?
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    Re: Full Page pop up Ads.

    Occasionally occurring to me, or the site, is just unresponsive. The latter is often due I think to scool holidays, private schools started yesterday, public schools next week and there is a huge amount of Victorians arrived yesterday from discussions I heard while waiting for my Chinese takeaways last night. Unfortunately they steal all the bandwidth, the system just can't cope here at Golden Beach. But long weekends mixed with good weather and school holidays is an absolute PIA.

    Sometimes I log out then log back in, if that doesn't work I change from to mobile site then back to desktop or full site (my preferred, the mobile site too hard to navigate)and then those ads disappear. I suffer these inconveniences for a couple of weeks and then it all comes good. Often I've noticed the sites change after a phone software update as well, things go gaga on forums. Somehow technology has gotten worse, almost like we're forever in beta mode.

    Oh, and strong winds can screw the signal here, why? I don't know.
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    Re: Full Page pop up Ads.

    Zero ads for me...I do have adblocker though.
    I see next to not ads apart from what is on facebook.

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