Went to lake missery for 3 days got my first Barra too the boat only 55cm in only the first hour and half on the dam and did not catch another fish till the last 2 hours before we left but only a catfish , foot peddle played up on the bow mount that made things harder and it was good to see all the sparkly bass boats getting the same results other than on that got 25 little ones for a session, only saw 3 big Barra on the sounder in 40 foot water in bird bay another boat livescoped a big mob of big barra but could not get the attention, talked to some good fishers from Yeppoon to Sydney everyone there for some fun and the chance to get there big barra ,there was only one 95 cam caught on the Friday night.

Its a very big dam you need more than 3 days to get around and find some fish or areas to start hunting them down or pay for a guide to get the get your self up to speed on the dam the use what he shows you or what info you came extract from him then you chances,

If I was a guide on that dam I would not claim the boat ramp as there own as one did when we launched in front of him , not fast enough for him and he had no clients so his logo on his boat is mud now ,while parking my mate heard his comments so lots of bad advertising for his charters .

Great caravan park itís a good spot with plenty of camps spots and good hot showers , the closet boat ramp has limited car parks at the moment because of the dam being 100% and the other boat ramp is a few kms away but watch out for the the little smiley face wallabies there every where.