The Southern Circuit 2023
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    The Southern Circuit 2023

    Hi family, Firstly, have a safe Xmas on the roads & water.

    Next up and continuing on from my travels around this once great country, I am keen to do a Southern Circuit. I live in Brisvegas, so southern is south

    Unsure if I will tow the Camper Trailer or the Boat or neither.

    I will attach a mud map of my intended route and if anyone has a " must do / see " place or thing along this route, please comment below. FYI, I don't do wineries, chocolate factories or distilleries and for that matter cafe's / restaurants.

    I do however like to see ( scenery ) do guided tour ( mini bus / boat ) and participate.... ( zip line, white water rafting.. that sort of thing.)

    This little adventure is not set in stone as I still haven't received my new D-max I ordered months ago... fingers crossed it turns up soon so I can fit it out ready for SC.

    The intended SC ( Southern Circuit ) will be about 7,000k's and I'll take about 30 days to complete. Think departure will be late April ?????

    Cheers LP
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    Re: The Southern Circuit 2023

    Hey LP
    I see you are hitting Ceduna.
    Not much further west you can hit up the Maralinga Atomic Bomb site. You will have to pre-book but in my opinion it is one of the best tours in Aus. It's kinda like Port Arthur in Tas. A real eye opener.
    Don't forget Silverton near Broken Hill. That's if you are a Mad Max fan. We did almost the same trip a few years ago.
    Have fun

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    Re: The Southern Circuit 2023

    Coonabarabran Star Gazing. Dubbo Zoo.

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    Ausfish Platinum Member

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    Re: The Southern Circuit 2023

    Looks like you're doing Great Ocean Road. You can do the normal 'tourist' flight to see the 12 Apostles, goes for about 10 minutes (roughly) and costs the normal tourist rate (lots), what we did is continued to Peterborough and hired a helicopter which then flew us all the way back to the 12 Apostles, and got to see Bay of Islands, The Arch and London Bridge as well, flew at photographic height one way, then cliff height the next, was so much better than the standard circuit done by the tourist choppers at the Apostles.

    Ya got me thinking of other things we did when we travelled down there...
    Geelong - chartered Seaplane from the docks, flew over Sorrento, Ocean Grove and down to Torquey.
    Otway National Park - lighthouse, most southern point of mainland, treetop fly.

    If I think of other stuff, as we did a similar circuit just a few years back, I'll add to it.

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    Re: The Southern Circuit 2023

    Hi Phil

    Happy Xmas to you as well.
    The relatively (to the rest of the tour) short detour from Port Fairy to the Grampians is well worth it for most, if not all on your like list, particularly the scenery.

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