Hi Guys

Just returned from my biannual escapade to the freshwater lakes in central Queensland, Cania, Callide and Monduran and thought members may be interested in my trials and tribulations. Left Brisbane 12 October at 6.00am and arrived Cania retreat campground around 1.00pm after the mandatory coffee stop at Goomeri bakery. Top spot for coffee and muffin by the way. After setting up camp, I thought I would get my four red claw pots in early with the recommended sunlight soap and dog biscuits for bait. Mainly a late afternoon exploratory mission as I had not tried my luck at Cania for red claw before and was unsure of the depth contours and bottom structure. Genesis live on my Lowrance plotter is a god send producing a great overlay on the downloaded CMap social map. Next morning, up bright and early for a 6.00am start on the water to check out the bass schools. Plenty of bass schools on Humminbird side scan but not takers after 4 hours of casting my favourite lures on my Berkley Dropshot 1-3kg spin outfit with 6lb braid / 8lb leader.20211013_090650.jpg

Checked the pots but no red claw. Decided to change location to a sunny shallow patch further north in the lake with a rocky / timber edge. Afternoon session was also a donut with no activity noted. Day 2 was also a donut.

Next day was pretty much a repeat performance with many anglers on the lake feeling the same frustration, so I am thinking the recent rain may be shutting down the fish. All sorts of theories being proposed at the ramp each day (lunar cycle, barometric pressure climate change etc.). However, the red claw are coming on with my PB in the second pot, a prime specimen at 36cm.20221016_170704_HDR.jpg
Went down really well with a chips and salad on the plate that night with a beer to top it off.20221016_181055.jpg

last day was out and about early trying all known marks, including the sticks at the top of the lake, but the bass were just not interested. Decided to try something new and went really shallow under the weed edge casting Hot Bite slugs designed by Jason Erlich. What a difference a subtle change of tactics can make with 5 bass pulled out in under an hour during the late afternoon session. Definitely my best session so far on lake Cania with the best fish going 37cm from this mark.20220519_134526.jpg Plenty of snags too, but certainly worth the effort. Not a trophy fish but great to be on the board after 3 days of donuts.

With imminent rain forecast, I decided to pull the pin early on 16 October and head north to Callide for a crack at the barra.

With six days planned at Callide, I was hoping to better my PB barra at 79cm this time around. However, this was not to be with the inclement weather / rain playing havoc with the fishing. There were up to 8 boats out a various times during the week, with no reported barra caught. My camp neighbours from north Brisbane were equally frustrated at the lack of activity. Plenty of red claw in the pots (20+) for 2 meals and big barra shows on the mega side image scan, but no takers on the Molix, Castaic or Zerek swimbaits and Jackall hard bodies. Apart from the redcalw, my other highlight of the week was landing a PB yellowbelly at 52cm on a custom Brad Smith flathead lure. Go figure??.20220511_093007.jpg20211014_153114.jpg

So left for Mondy on 23 October with my PB intact after the annual fishing comp had finished. Still hopeful I can land that elusive one meter barra. More to come next post. Cheers SS.