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    Cool A yarn about yabbies

    Hi there,
    Heading out West for a trip again (longreach, Windorah, Barcoo, Isisford) after being on the coast for quite a while.
    What yabby pots are recommended now? I used to always use a dilly pot, but I'm tempted to try an opera house pot. I've heard nasty stories about bycatch though..
    Also, I looked up QLD regs, and there are different rules for redclaws than yabbies. I never knew they were different!

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    Re: A yarn about yabbies


    • The maximum funnel trap size is 70cm long and 50cm high or wide.
    • The maximum mesh size of funnel traps is 25mm, with up to a maximum of 4 entrances made of rigid material.
    • The maximum entrance size is 10cm. The following restrictions apply:
      • Funnel traps with a maximum rigid opening size of 5cm in all dimensions can be used in all Queensland fresh waters.
      • Funnel traps with a rigid opening size of between 5cm and 10cm can only be used in fresh waters west of a line following the Great Dividing Range and west of the Gore Highway (A39) (PDF, 4.8MB) or in the following impoundments—Atkinsons Dam, Baroon Pocket Dam, Beehive Dam, Bill Gunn Dam (Lake Dyer), Bjelke-Petersen Dam, Boondooma Dam, Borumba Dam, Burdekin Dam (Lake Dalrymple), Callide Dam, Cania Dam, Connolly Dam, Cooby Dam, Coolmunda Dam, Cressbrook Dam, Eungella Dam, Ewen Maddock Dam, Fairbairn Dam, Fred Haigh Dam (Lake Monduran), Glenlyon Dam, Gordonbrook Dam, Hinze Dam, Kinchant Dam, Koombooloomba Dam, Lake Awonga, Lake Gregory, Lake MacDonald, Lenthalls Dam (Lake Lenthall), Leslie Dam, Maroon Dam, Middle Creek Dam, Moogerah Dam, Mount Morgan Big Dam, North Pine Dam, Peter Faust Dam, Ross River Dam, Sideling Creek Dam (Lake Kurwongbah), Somerset Dam, Storm King Dam, Teemburra Dam, Theresa Creek Dam, Tinaroo Dam, Wivenhoe Dam, Wuruma Dam, Wyaralong Dam.

        Funnel Trap usage map (4.8MB)

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