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Thread: Simrad to Furuno connection

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    Simrad to Furuno connection

    I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and bought a Furuno FCV 588. It sits next to the Simrad EVO2 NSS9. They look great together.

    I seem to be using the Simrad as a chart only. The comparison between the sounder s is incredible. The Simrad with the Totalscan transducer is nowhere close to the Furuno with the P66 transducer. The furuno shows much more detail and picks up a lot more. Anyway, thats not what this is about.
    The Furuno has the capability to have a signal from a GPS pumped into it. I have found a wiring diagram which tells me which colout simrad wire to connect to the coloured Furuno wires so that marks can be recorded via the Furuno.
    I just dont know how to do it.

    I have a spare blue socket on the back of the Evo 2, the EVO 2 is hooked up to a network thing, there are wires on the end of the lead coming from the back of the Furuno. Power leads are here too which I have hooked up to the poser to make it work and currently the other wires are taped up and out of the way.

    I have no idea how I can marry the 2 units together. Any ideas?

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    Re: Simrad to Furuno connection

    no dice connecting them together directly. instead you will have to use a NMEA0813 Markfish module. its simple but works.

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    Re: Simrad to Furuno connection

    Thank you. Ill take a look

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