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Thread: 1770 report 26-29/8

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    1770 report 26-29/8

    I managed to get to 1770 for a weekend of great weather and excellent fishing recently. We launched from 1770 approx 2pm Thursday afternoon the 26/8 and fished Boult reef until sundown then headed out wider into the night as the weather was great. We had never fished Boult before but found a lot of structure and fish in 40m of water and filled in the afternoon catching hussar, a 55cm Tuskie, a 90cm Cobia and the head of a great coronation trout. Out in 60m at night we picked up some red throat and a nice 60 odd cm jack. We anchored in 40m of water just after midnight and first thing in the morning got smoked by a good fish which was followed by a 5kg Red and a few more reefies. Friday morning we fished our way north to Fitzroy lagoon where we had lunch and a nap then fished further up to Sykes reef where we slept the night. Through the day we got a lot of hussar but also managed a couple of undersized Reds, some good Pearlies and after dark we got a 9kg, 90cm mangrove jack and a 7kg Red Emperor on the same drop. Saturday we fished around Sykes for some nice trout and a 90cm Shark mackerel before heading out wide for the afternoon/night session and heading back to sleep the night in Fitzroy lagoon. We picked up a nice 70cm trout, a 65cm cod and a 65cm Pearlie just before dark after I dropped a big red found on an isolated rock in 60m. He busted a 120lb leader at the dropper loop after I cranked the drag to try and turn him. I had told my mate I was going to replace the rig as it had already landed some good fish including the Jack but I did one drop too many before being forced to replace it. We anchored in Fitzroy lagoon for the night before heading home Sunday morning.
    All up we covered 354km on 205L of fuel in my 2009 Yalta555 with a 2016 150HP Merc pushing it.

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    Re: 1770 report 26-29/8

    Looks like an awesome trip! Doesn't get any better than that!

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    Re: 1770 report 26-29/8

    Great report, thanks for posting a fishing report, few & far between nowadays.

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    Re: 1770 report 26-29/8

    Far out, thats a cracker of a trip. Everyone keeps saying 1770 is awesome. Fairly new so learning all the time, am aspiring to try a trip like that at some point as this is exactly what we hope to be chasing / catching, dont know how i would go overnight tho - hardcore in my book. Awesome report


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