Hi there,

Well finally signed up after a few years, hoping to reach out via the forums here in the hopes of finding some help / inspiration / guidance / company etc with regards to our family boat trips.
Fairly novice to boating - and novice at fishing,

I used to hire tinnies a fair bit from Bribie marina for a number of years including the 60hp plastic boat, until a few years ago where after 30+? years of procrastination, went out and bought a “bargain” Sportsman Craft boat which was fun. After the rather steep learning curve that offered, sold it to buy a 30yr old Fraser Formula 626 as it was bit bigger, only to discover that learning curve kept goin'.

Usually hang around in Bribie Passage or near that bridge, not too far from the chip shop at the VMR . Found Its fairly easy going most conditions over to Morton even with a bit of chop in the old Fraser. don't catch much usually but enjoy hanging out there.

Have been thinking of heading north to places like Hinchinbrook Island, and that inland bass fishing lake up there somewhere. Unfortunately have trailer issues so have had to put boat up on tyres to get the trailer out as it looks a bit cactus. Need to sort before doing any long road trips. and other adventures. Thought it might be more fun hooking up with a few others doing the same possibly

Over the year’s friends have moved on or stopped going or lost touch - and shift work don't help either, with recent global events just adding to it all.

Anyway, am happy to help out where i can, hoping I can ask few questions and get this thing sorted. Looking forward to picking up a few ideas, learning a few things that may possibly impress the wife, and maybe make some new friends, possibly heading away on an adventure or two with the family without any major dramas (which probably would impress the wife)