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Thread: Raymarine EV 100 auto pilot

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    Raymarine EV 100 auto pilot

    Looking at installing ev100, question is if I have Raymarine axiom head unit do I need the p70 control head?
    I have hydraulic steering and the engine is suz df140.
    Moose you there?

    Regards Mark

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    Re: Raymarine EV 100 auto pilot

    hi mate

    no you dont need the P70 or P70rs with the axiom. the axiom works as a pilot controlelr itself. . all the calibration and seatrialling can be done on the axiom, and obvioulsy the control and function of the AP too.

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    Re: Raymarine EV 100 auto pilot

    Thanks for replying Moose,
    as far as nmea goes, I have the "back bone" installed cause Im getting engine data to axiom, so thats another bit not required I think?
    Could you pm costs for whats required?
    thanks mark

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