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Thread: Tilapia Biocontrol.

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    Re: Tilapia Biocontrol.

    Dignity, that must be downstream of the wall around Young's Crossing. I remember a huge fish kill there years ago in the drought and most were Tilapia.
    As for the dam itself, we used to catch and release them in the late 80's because us kids were told they were I guess its my fault.

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    Re: Tilapia Biocontrol.

    Quote Originally Posted by chris69 View Post
    No you have to put them in a plastic bag and bin them i think ,throwing mouth brooders up the bank don,t cut it.
    Straight from the horses mouth

    "Can I fish for tilapia and what are my
    legal obligations?

    There are no laws prohibiting you from targeting tilapia -
    in fact, Biosecurity Queensland encourages it. However,
    once caught, tilapia must be killed and disposed of by
    either burying above the high-water mark near the place of
    capture or placing in a nearby bin."

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    Re: Tilapia Biocontrol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luc View Post
    They probably came from Ewing Maddock dam following overflows.
    The problem with allowing people to fish and eat them is that it givean incentive to spread them to waters nearer to where they live.
    Many many years ago I caught a few in lake samsonvale. Wasn't aware of the regs back then. Took them home and cooked them up. Beautiful white flesh that tasted like a cross between a dirt road and lantana leaves.
    Not long after, came across a bloke with a few live ones in a bucket of water. Asked if he liked the taste and he said yes, but these were going into the adjacent lake kurwongbah to get them in there. Didn't want to travel the extra 10klms to catch them.
    It does happen. But maybe not so much these days.

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    Re: Tilapia Biocontrol.

    How about cutting the head off and put the mongrel in an incinerator, no fish or fish egg would survive that..

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