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Thread: The great fridge debate

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    Re: The great fridge debate

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    Early Engels were highly deficient in the insulation department, particularly in the lid. Originals' covers were to help with insulation as well as cosmetic protection. You could put your hand between the lid and the cover, and it would be noticeably cold. Later ones are better in that respect, and the cover, IMO, is mostly for cosmetic protection. my MT-V 45 , running as a freezer, doesn't get noticeably cold between cover and lid. And zero condensation.
    has there been any improvement in the insulation of Engels (50mm) sides & 30mm on the lid ?

    Turn an Engel off & the temp rises pretty quickly is what I've noticed. ...... I just turned off both the Engel & NL - I'll check them in 2 hours

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    Re: The great fridge debate

    I think the oldest Engels were pretty thin on the lid. Subsequent ugrades saw them get a bit better. But, IIRC, it was really the lid that was the problem. I just remember seeing the insulated covers when they first came out at a demonstration, and putting my hand in between, you could really feel the cold it was keeping in. Any insulated cover will aid any fridge with energy consumption, as long as it does not interfere with airflow to the condensor.

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