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Thread: Hervey Bay Fishing September

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    Hervey Bay Fishing September

    G'day guys. I'm heading up to Hervey Bay at the end of September for a week.

    Will take the boat (Yellowfin 6500) and park it at Great Sandy Straits marina. Urangan ramp and facilities look excellent.

    I've never been up that way. Would love some advice on fishing options, good family spots at Fraser etc.



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    Re: Hervey Bay Fishing September

    There will likely be some juvenile marlin about, if that interests you.

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    Re: Hervey Bay Fishing September

    Thanks Bremic, if the conditions are nice to troll about the place, I'll definitely have a go. Where to start here?

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    Re: Hervey Bay Fishing September

    Good time to be in Herveybay and the fishing is great , juvenile Marlin on the banks anywhere after the Sandhills close to shore , some great sight fishing in those waters especially with Fly and Placcies . YouTube is your friend
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    Re: Hervey Bay Fishing September

    Thanks Bluefin59, will continue the research!

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    Re: Hervey Bay Fishing September

    Should be plenty of Mackerel and bits and pieces on the reef to keep you busy.

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    Re: Hervey Bay Fishing September

    A family feiend lives up at hervey bay he went out fishing a week ago and caught some tiny red emporor looking thing and a coral trout took the little fish not hooked but wouldnt let it go

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    Re: Hervey Bay Fishing September

    Last week of Sept is school hols, whales everywhere and screaming Northerlies every day usually. You might get a day or two out usually in a week, but have a plan B. I'll be on the island so I hope my forecast isn't accurate, but I'm there at the same time every year.....
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