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Thread: Rear vision camera problems

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    Rear vision camera problems

    Hi everyone, I bought a rear view mirror mounted reversing camera , the type that the screen clips over the rear view mirror, I thought it would help me to reverse onto the boat trailer without getting out to check where the coupling is all the time. The problem is that there is just so much glare coming from the screen that it is totally useless, I cannot see a thing. I have tried anti glare sheets on it and that works fine but then I cannot use the rear view mirror. This camera is the type that operates when reverse gear is selected. At the moment it is unuseable and has been a total waste of money. I cannot return the unit as it has been professionally installed and it would cost me money to dismantle it. The unit works fine on a very dull or rainy day or at night. The glare is coming from the screen and not the camera itself as this is under the tray of my ute. The ute is a Hilux cab/chassis aluminium tray vehicle. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Rear vision camera problems

    I have one on the 200 for the caravan. Works ok but you need to grab the thing and twist it to reduce the reflections and fiddle with the brightness settings and it will work ok. Best of luck.

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    Re: Rear vision camera problems

    I have had one for a couple of years as well..totally useless in strong sunlight...

    I mainly only use the camera for aligning the towball to trailer hitch so it serves its purpose.....

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    Re: Rear vision camera problems

    Is there a big gap between the camera and the glass, more than a mm or so. If it's not too big I'd get some door/window seal and run it around the glass too reduce the glare bit hard to describe what I mean.

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    Re: Rear vision camera problems

    Thanks guys,
    I'll try the tips ,see what happens.

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