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Thread: Fresh In From Fraser

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    Fresh In From Fraser

    Hi, just back last night from Fraser.

    After covid shutting us down last year it was a particularly keen bunch of 6 that rolled onto the barge 7am Wednesday last week with my Riptide, a 7.3 surtees and a 2100 stabi plus the fuel/tow buggy. Tracks were wet and we made super quick time to Orchid. Dropped the boats in wednesday arvo for a quick troll on the north gardners for a spaniard and a wahoo before the 2am start from toowoomba got the better of us.

    Fished solid days Thurday and Friday south gardners, maheno and out to 150M for a good bite on RT's, tuskies, corro, rosies and a red also some more spanish and various bits and pieces of CRF. Sat and Sun were windy, we fished a couple of half days in close for a couple of spano's and tuna, went as far as the tip looking but pretty quiet and hard work in the wind. Went hard again monday and tuesday out on the reef for similiar as earlier in the week, added some snaps and pearlies to the species list when they joined the rosies on the deep drop. Also more pelagics action.

    All in all a good week, gutter and corner launch working well, used the snatchy once all week given rain overnight made life very easy for moving around. 1200 odd litres put through the boats for the week and good times had by all.

    Sorry no pics.

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    Re: Fresh In From Fraser

    Thatís a fair effort well done

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    Re: Fresh In From Fraser

    Wow, that is some logistics to organise. Glad the rain helped settle the beach.

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    Re: Fresh In From Fraser

    Great effort, sounds like a great holiday.

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    Re: Fresh In From Fraser

    Awesome run, would love to do that one day.
    Great job organising it all, would be some frothies downed in the preplanning I would think, well done.

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    Re: Fresh In From Fraser

    Gotta love fishing offshore fraser i recon. All round package of good fishing, boating challenges and adventure all 4 hours from home! We made a recon trip back in 2009 with a couple of boats and have done 11 trips since. Missed on covid and another year. Same core group of originals plus a some a few rotating in and out.

    Corry, our formulae is 3 boats, 4 vehicles and 6 blokes, zone out 3 week window and we go when the weather gives us decent fishing window. She's a pretty well oiled machine these days, even have a pre trip shopping list!!. Great trip, good for the soul. Caught some top fish up there over the years thats for sure. We always joke about how p-poor our bear consumption is, 3 or 4 bears over cleaning fish and dinner and we're in bed and back into it at sparro's, maybe we're just getting old.

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    Re: Fresh In From Fraser

    Great to hear you had another successful run. You certainly know what you're doing and the advice you've given in the past certainly helped us when we did Fraser a few years ago.

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