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Thread: Silevr Stag

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    Clarify it a tad more , you can get a mirror finish on you edge with a 5000 stone , what one wants stepping up in grits is refinement in the finish . That is if your always trying to best yourself and the work you try achieve at days end .
    Mindyou steel quallity plays a big role here also.
    Have some elcheapo bait knives that i can sharpen one day and come back a week later without having touched the knife and the Apex of the blade feels dull as if it hadnt been sharpened ??..
    maybe the Missus gets out while i am unaware and trying to mess with my Brain lol..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovey80 View Post
    Volvo, where do you get your fine stones?
    This is one place, but Iím sure there are other places

    Shakey - If only I lived near the coast

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