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    Any advice on learning to sharpen a filleting knife for someone who has no idea?

    I had my knives sharpened by a butcher and managed to keep them 'ok' with a steel for a few filleting sessions however couldnt get them back to what he had them at no matter how hard I tried

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    Some good advice from Bremic there mate , Get on Youtube and look up Peter Knowlan vids , "Knife Planet" and you will find some very usefull advice there.
    Peter is an Expat living in Canada and knows what he is talking about as well as makes things easy in the World Of Sharpening .
    Then there is Burfection which is also quite helpfull.
    But at days end before spending heaps of $$$$$s if your interested in waterstones or whicher kind of stone it may pay youi to just purchase a two sided stone , coarse on one side and fine on the other to get you going.
    Elcheapo Tray for soaking your stone in if thats the way you want to go and a sinkbridge from scrap timber at you local Bunnings store which should cost more that a couple of $$.
    Otherwise an old towel on a Brick for holding your stone steady and away you go on the learning curve.
    Angles ??, i find each blade has or likes its own angle and easy to find buy laying you blade flat on the stone and push or pull your blade , "Blade Trailing " that is the edge or apex of your blade moving away rather than into the edge of the blade very slowly and as your blade finds its own angle you will feel it bight.
    Do this a couple of time till you get the best feel of where the blade want to bight in and that will be your Blades angle.
    If there is one thing i can pass on regarding stone sharpening that would be to develope muscle memory within your hand/Fingers and feel the stone and blade working .
    Wont go on too much for fear of confusing you mate , Look at those Vids and any help or advice just ask on here and it will be done ..
    Types of stones /Sharpening Systems /Blades etc is a Personal thing and dont get too hung up on it for starters, Like most of us we have spend our dues chasing the perfect Holy Grail re Blades and stones lol.

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    Thanks guys awesome info, I'll let you know how I get on!

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