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Thread: Red Emperor Jigs

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    Red Emperor Jigs

    Hi All,

    I'm going to the reef for the first time with a bunch of mates to chase Red Emperor and Coral Trout soon. They all said to get some big bait flys from PE tackle for the Red Emperor but they are expensive. I found some cheaper ones on Gumtree and wondered if anyone has used them and if they are any good?

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    Re: Red Emperor Jigs

    I only use PE Tackle and swear by them. I have found in my 52 years that you get what you pay for. Let us know how they go if you grab em.

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    Re: Red Emperor Jigs

    Agree with funchy, pe tackle are great. Bfg gangs rigged with swivels between eaxh hook in 10'0 or 12'0 depending on bait size

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