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    Baker's Dozen

    I took up rod building during 2020 to replace drinking. It is easily as addictive and even more expensive. I've built around a dozen rods for friends, family and myself. I had a bit of help with the basics from brother in law and spent a couple of hours with Peter Flor from Florless Rods who showed me how to epoxy - after his help the improvement was instant.

    Got lots of info from searching this forum so i thought i'd give back. Here's 13 pics of builds/rebuilds.



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    Re: Baker's Dozen

    lucky last! Attachment 123474

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    Re: Baker's Dozen

    looking good

    did you come up with your own designs ?
    all my mates who use to make rods for me have given it away and i never had the attention to detail to achieve what you have

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    Re: Baker's Dozen

    Do you mean thread designs or guide size and placement/handle length etc? Thereís some great info out there provided by some of the companies for guide placement etc. which are really helpful when you are starting out. The suppliers also help choose components - Ross from Rodworks is a legend.

    Thread designs are decided when I sit down at the lathe, depending on what colours the person Iím building for has suggested. The patterns are heavily influenced by wraps I have seen online and on rod building forums like BDO and this one.

    Iíve started dabbling with marbling. Unique patterns and lots of fun

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    Re: Baker's Dozen

    yeah sorry meant the rod recipe itself
    i have a notebook here somewhere with past rods i built or had built but the guides have changed alot since back then, i can remember paying $8-900 for a composite developments lbg rod with full set of zirconia guides in early 90s
    now there are much better guides and so much lighter

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    Re: Baker's Dozen

    Bit of both - Batson/Rainshadow do recipes for almost all their blanks and ive built a couple of these. They produce Alps components too so recommend reel seats, guide types and sizes etc. I still static test the placement of guides even when given the measurements, and change the reel seat/handles depending on who the rod is for. Most of my builds have been on the old Kilwell FG and Live Fibre blanks so i've had to work out where to put things. Testing them under load helps a whole lot!

    Blanks, guides and other components have come a long way. They are reasonably priced and available. I can build a custom rod for similar $ as something like a Gary Howard off the shelf.

    The tech in some of the blanks is incredible. Still, there's nothing quite like the cushioned bend of a Snyder fibreglass blank

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    Re: Baker's Dozen

    very nice , takes me back to tech school , was lucky enough to have a rod building class , made a few trout rods and lasted for decades , some nice base patterns there , looks like heaps better materials and guides , the old diamond pattern cross was the go , saw the teacher do a base pattern with line of fish in the base , just remarkable

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