Topical subject of late is about the low pressure system off Cairns (now classed as a cyclone).

BOM's predictions have been a bit vague and the media is playing it up (again) as usual.

Been plotting BOM's predications since Sun (attached).

No wonder the predictions have seemed vague. They're like spaghetti junction.

The purple/red pins are BOM's predictions and the yellow ones are what BOM says is the track that the low has been taking (maybe).

What hasn't helped BOM is that the Townsville radar has been down for a couple of days and the Cairns radar has been faulty as well leaving only Willis Is @ 450km out to sea as the only functioning weather radar in the area.

I'd say that under the circumstances, BOM's done well to basically say that there's been a tropical low/cyclone hanging around off Cairns and that it'll be off towards New Caledonia pretty quickly Fri/Sat.

I'm off to Stanage on Fri morning so have an interest in where this cyclone is going to end up. Looks like no closer that 500km with the wind dropping off Sat morning.

Screenshot (370).jpg

Screenshot (371).jpg