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    Sunny Coast Advice

    Hi all, weather pending i might get to the coast for a couple of days and nights on the water with the little fella this weekend (9). Normally we would hit the goldy for a quick weekend like this but i'm thinking sunny coast for a change (m'bah). Plan will be to chase the spots and spano's, maybe a bit wider later in the day. Only really fished the sunny coast a couple of time over the years so was hoping for a couple of tips.

    - Normally with the fella we do solid days outside but we camp in the boat back inside the bar in nice quiet anchorage somewehere , any recommendations of such a spot for sound sleep in the M'bah river?
    - Any recommendations for a public wharf with nearby takeaway for some dinner?
    - Done ok on spaniards up that way over the years, sunshine, 12 mile etc but never really hit the spots up that way, so was hoping for a tip on what's the local spotty reef (i.e palmy/mermaid equivalent).

    Any tips welcome


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    Re: Sunny Coast Advice

    It isn't a long walk from the M'ba boat ramp to numerous eating establishments, you won't go hungry.

    Heading out through the seaway, there are a number of large posts with yachts tied to them. If memory is correct, there maybe posts unused you could tie to? Or, as you head out towards the seaway, there is a last corner on the right handside and you are looking at the opening to the seaway. You could anchor in that corner overnight, would need to watch the water depth though, may not be a lot of water at low tide.

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    Re: Sunny Coast Advice

    Above info is pretty well on the money, there are places to anchor up inside the rockwall's for the night and plenty of take aways a short walk away..

    Spanish mac's - inner and outer gneerings

    Spotties - in a bit closer anywhere from Coolum down to Caloundra, but usually have a scout around Mooloolabah bay, old woman island or off point cartwright and to the south.

    Look for some birds as per usual when chasing the spotties and if you find them flying a certain direction and look to be in a hurry I would work in that way.

    And if the macs are quiet, some decent reef fishing around the gneerings but best done on sun up/down or through the night.

    Good luck, nice area to spend a weekend exploring..

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    Re: Sunny Coast Advice

    Thanks for that everyone, much appreciated!

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