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Thread: sand crabs

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    sand crabs

    hi all are they catching any sand crabs in southport broadwater at the moment

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    Re: sand crabs

    Don't know, but it's crab time, go and give it a try and let us know how you go.

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    Re: sand crabs

    Quote Originally Posted by 39NESP View Post
    hi all are they catching any sand crabs in southport broadwater at the moment
    I know for a fact they are getting plenty around the bay so I suspect the Broadwater would have them , chuck some pots in around Crab island for a couple of hours Iím sure youíll be rewarded.
    A bad days fishing has got to be better than any day at work......

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    Re: sand crabs

    There's plenty down here, had some visitors this week and got our bag limit easy, including lots of "upgrades" all home, crabs cooked, boat washed by 9AM

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    Re: sand crabs

    Plenty everywhere at the moment, not hard to get a feed at all..

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    Re: sand crabs

    are they catching then in the deep water or up on the flats

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    Re: sand crabs

    Sometimes you just have to try things for yourself, set pots in both deep and shallow water and give it a go, people go out and get crabs, but don't expect to spoon feed someone else after they have put in the hard yards.

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    Re: sand crabs

    Few around but be aware pots are being stolen apparently.
    Doug Bert mentioned it recently on FB.
    Just put 4 pots out now, not my ideal spot but they can be seen.

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    Re: sand crabs

    Put pots out Thursday and Sandies were a bit scarce, lots of undersized so I chased muddies instead and got 5 over 3 days.
    I will be the one limping for the next week - gout

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