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Thread: Anyone built a rod cabinet ?

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    Anyone built a rod cabinet ?

    I need to build a rod cabinet for the shed as the collections too big for the house.
    need to have doors as the dust we get out here is horrific and just gets in everywhere in the shed
    Will also apply insulation to the doors as we regularly get 46 or so degrees in summer
    anyone got images of what they have made ?
    im thinking of using the melamine wardrobe stuff as it goes to 2.4m to handle the swimbait rods I have

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    Re: Anyone built a rod cabinet ?

    Mate i hear you as i need to build a Shed for my Rods not a cabinet , allready copping it for the spa.ce the consume in the Garage and other places throughout the house.
    Agree with the Missus that im a hoarder with Rods n reels etc lol but its who we are , right ??..

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    Re: Anyone built a rod cabinet ?

    Have about 30 that are ready to use plus beach rock rods

    then a pile of why did I buy that that I lend to mates

    id love to make a steel cabinet but thatís beyond my abilities as the towns be inundated with relations of the local prison population and break ins are in the rise

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    Re: Anyone built a rod cabinet ?

    Have you thought about a steel filing cabinet we have some at work that are tall and lockable that should keep those that you mentioned out of your gear just take the shelving out or slot it to hold your rods.

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    Re: Anyone built a rod cabinet ?

    Havnt found one tall enough yet
    keep looking in gumtree and auction sites

    thanks for the suggestion

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    Re: Anyone built a rod cabinet ?

    A bit more expensive but have you thought about a 10 ft container..probably cost around 2.5K but if you have a crime problem that might be a good solution to store your valuables, tools, gennies in there as well..I couldnt imagine coming home to find all my stuff missing..some stuff I have has sentimental value well beyond the monetary worth ..but thieves dont differentiate...We also have dogs and guns and can lock our front property gate but up here in FNQ so much recent crime and car theft happens when homes are broken into while the occupants are actually at home,so thats quite a concern that they are so ballsy to break in and steal your valuables and then take your car keys and leave in your car while you are asleep...

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    Re: Anyone built a rod cabinet ?

    I got robbed a few months back thankfully just rods reels and some recent lures thankfully my years of smaller stuff got left
    itemise your insurance for the gear as I hadnít and only got 7k for estimated 17k lost

    may have to move back to a major city soon depending on work later in the year and will lose my big shed 15x9m
    so I didnít want to spend a fortune till I know works secure here

    ill do a search in containers here or large safes maybe

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