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Thread: 115 Evinrude

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    Re: 115 Evinrude

    1 km/litre sounds about right as others said. Which is the same as 1 litre per km. And equates to 0.54 nm/litre. Which is just on double what my 150 Merc 4 stroke uses at cruise, pushing just on 2 tonne of Reefrunner, gear and people. But I'm sure you already knew that

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    Re: 115 Evinrude

    I think the different RPM figures probably relate to crossflow Vs looper.

    4500-5500 rated HP @ 5000
    Looper 5000-6000 rated HP @ 5500

    FWIW I believe the 1990 115 motor in question is a Looper but either way the low WOT RPM needs to be investigated.

    That's all I've got.

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