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Thread: Nyboida, Goolang creek fishing

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    Nyboida, Goolang creek fishing

    Morning guys,
    I am heading out to the Nymboida Aust day weekend, the canoe centre camp grounds to be precise and are chasing some info in regards to fishing out that way. Any info would be gratefully accepted. Taking the camper so no boat this time. Is it worth packing a rod or two?

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    Re: Nyboida, Goolang creek fishing


    I've fished that area a couple of times, camped at both Platypus Flat and The Junction. Flicked small hardbody lures both times and the only thing I caught were Eastern Cod which is totally protected which is a bit of a quandary. Anyway they didn't seem to take surface lures so persisted with that for a while but nothing else took them either. The kids did a bit of fishing with prawn and managed to catch a turtle...

    Cheers Matt

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    Re: Nyboida, Goolang creek fishing

    Donít forget a NSW licence.

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    Re: Nyboida, Goolang creek fishing

    Thanks guys,
    Have a license Gunna as based in NSW, there is not a separate license for Freshwater fishing is there??

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    Re: Nyboida, Goolang creek fishing

    No. Just the one.

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