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Thread: Roller marks on hull

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    Roller marks on hull

    Any tips on avoiding black trailer roller marks on boat? I have some rubber rollers. Unfortunately the poly rollers don't come in the right size....

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    Re: Roller marks on hull

    What size are you after. I just replaced all my trailer rollers with these



    Not necessarily this size, but this type. I bought them from

    I bought them on line and the company was very good to deal with.

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    Re: Roller marks on hull

    You must have very odd size rollers, almost every one is available in blue, red or black, black being the cheapest, blue for alloy boats and red for glass, plus a few odd other materials too.

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    Re: Roller marks on hull

    Dakr123 are you sure the marks are from the roller material ?
    It could be dirt build up on the rollers ?
    In my case Iíve got grey rollers on the trailer and they do leave marks on the fibreglass hull but only when they donít get cleaned.
    So I can see when the rollers are dirty but with black rollers it would be difficult to see the dirt.
    I guess itís road grime build up as my closest ramp is a 45 minute trip but if I head around the bay it can turn into a 2 hour trip each way.
    I occasionally clean every roller after a day out while the boat is moored as I pick up the car/trailer in the ramp car park. Just use an old rag and some WD40 it does require a bit of elbow grease but I can do the whole dual axle trailer in about 20 minutes. It also works well on the hull, literally just wipes off the marks very easy. Not while in the water

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    Re: Roller marks on hull

    The black rollers are just rubber, will definitely mark. There is a product called ScuffOrf which is very good at removing rubber marks from fibreglass.. I use rubber rollers on my keel, and grey wobble rollers for the front supports, which only act to keep the boat level as you drive up, when you are all the way up they only just touch. The keel rollers don't mark, probably because they are always wet when operating, either do the grey wobble rollers. I had a black rubber V-stopper at the bow when delivered, it wore and marked badly. I replaced it with a red one, no wear, some red is obvious when you launch, but I do a lot of really bad rods, the sort that most people whouldn't take a rig like this on.

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