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Thread: Trailer Refurbishment and Upgrade

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    Trailer Refurbishment and Upgrade

    Hi Ausfishers

    I am looking for advice and any suggestions for an upgrade of my standard 4.1M Polycraft skid trailer. The steel mainframe and crossmembers are now starting to show signs of rust after 12 years of service. I am thinking of replacing the steel mainframe box section with alloy I beam and bolting new heavier alloy crossmembers to allow flex over corrugated roads. My plan is to take the boat to the gulf and NT (Roper river and Nhulunboy) next year so it will need to be upgraded to an off-road design to cope with the vibration. Is it okay to use the existing galvanised mudguards, winch post and tail light assembly (all in good condition) bolted to the alloy? Will the dissimilar metals cause a galvanic reaction and early breakdown? I am also wondering if anyone has experience with the AL-KO independent wishbone / coil spring suspension on boat trailers as this design seems very popular for off road camper trailers. However, I am not sure how this system would handle the salt water environment. Alternatively, should I stay wit the traditional axle and use a heavier leaf spring design. I do not plan to use increased diameter / heavier wheels as I expect this added weight will increase stress to the existing frame design. Thanks for any help in advance.
    Cheers SS

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    Re: Trailer Refurbishment and Upgrade

    Build your frame like all the big manufacturers using square U bolts the U bolts allow the frame flex a little it may be micro measurement but it flexs so it wont crack

    Me im a silly bugger i bolted all my frame together using 12mm bolts its all bolted hard and tightly together so i will likely have problems

    Just what i observed bending the 101mm i beam in my hydraulic press u shouldnt have any worries carrying a 4.1m hull

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    Re: Trailer Refurbishment and Upgrade

    Sounds like your better off just starting from scratch

    you donít want any flex in the trailer as any flex in the trailer means the hulls unsupported and will cause issues with your hull not being supported
    your boat doesnít flex

    light truck tyres
    Multi leaf suspension
    reinforced pads for the leaf springs to wear through
    stone deflector either on trailer or back of car

    one tip is to buy a large roll of stretch film and wrap the whole outboard to stop dust getting in everywhere, have seen whole boats wrapped up

    alloy trailers wobble like a wet noodle when empty and I donít think are the right thing for big trips on heavily corrugated roads

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    Re: Trailer Refurbishment and Upgrade

    Job finished. I decided to replace the old trailer mainframe, axle and springs with standard galvanised steel components from Oceanic trailers. All up refurbished cost with added walkway and motor leg support was $1660. Aluminium components were too expensive and not justified for the polycraft. Also selected a stronger square axle and five leaf springs to better cope with the road corrugations to Weipa next year. Hopefully good for another 12 years. Cheers SS.Attachment 122579Attachment 122580

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    Re: Trailer Refurbishment and Upgrade

    Good work, I can't really appreciate it though as the attachment didn't work for me.

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    Re: Trailer Refurbishment and Upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by Dignity View Post
    Good work, I can't really appreciate it though as the attachment didn't work for me.
    Hi Dignity
    Apologies for missing this post. Trailer pics did not load properly first time. Phone transfer is now working OK. Cheers SS
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