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Thread: Johnson 150hp id

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    Johnson 150hp id

    Hi all,
    Anyone possibly able to help id this motor, what year period, or do I need to go and get the details off the plates to assist? EFI/Carby , perhaps FICHT era? Any thoughts on reliability, known issues etc?



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    Re: Johnson 150hp id

    Model number will identify it exactly, or even a photo with the top off, but it "appears" to be an old V6 carb motor, unless someone has replaced the cowl to disguise its true identity.

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    Re: Johnson 150hp id

    Thanks Noel,
    I'm back up the property in the next few days hopefully, so will do what I should have done yesterday and get the details and have a proper look and post up.
    Only had time to take a few quick pics of hull and motor. Thinking a 2 stroke carb will be a better outcome than a disguised Ficht, lol. Pretty sure she is original, knew the owner before sadly passing a few years back.

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    Re: Johnson 150hp id

    Just stabbing in the dark, it seems to be about a late '90s carby job, going by the vents in the cowl, the stickers indicate earlier model though.

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    Re: Johnson 150hp id

    Give it a really good scrub if u take it Muzz u dont want all that nasty black mould transferring to your boat especially if its a glass boat

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    Re: Johnson 150hp id

    The cowling appears to be the same shape and design as my 2000 model 115 Oceanpro. Possibly around that era.

    As for your thoughts that it might be a Fitch, I may be wrong here, but I think I read somewhere that Fitch motors were only Evinrude and no Johnson motors were Fitch technology

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    Re: Johnson 150hp id

    Shakey, yeah there is a bit of confusion on the web on that, some say Johnno's may have been Ficht late 90's - 98-99 some say never. I'll just get the tag details and go from there.
    Honestly does my head researching stuff now on the web. I used to buy a book or ask a professional in the field to get answers. A book was trustworthy as it cost to get published and needed to be factual. A magazine or tabloid was at least trying to get it right, the internet, well you can get 50 people telling you a dog is a cat and 50 saying it is a rat, when it is actually a farkin letterbox, lol.

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    Re: Johnson 150hp id

    There was some early Johnson FICHT engines, but they changed to Evinrude only about 99ish, from then on, Johnson's were carb motors, it's pretty simple to tell, just remove the top, see if it has carbs or fuel injection, still guessing it's an old carby model.

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    Re: Johnson 150hp id

    Quote Originally Posted by gazza2006au View Post
    Give it a really good scrub if u take it Muzz u dont want all that nasty black mould transferring to your boat especially if its a glass boat
    Not too sure that's mould, looks more like tree sap or just weathered dirt.

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    Re: Johnson 150hp id

    Ok, bit more info, tho I didn't get the bloody model tag, silver core tag is G3618159, in between downpours got a few pics. Tilt and trim works, hydraulic steering locked but didn't try anything to free it yet. Motor would whir when trying to start but didn't actually crank, was only using small jump pack to the dead battery with dirty terminals , next time will take big battery and wire brush and change battery over.
    Is a 6 cyl carb / OIS motor. Cylinder head fits lots of models up to 2001 I think from google searches. Does seem to have some new gaskets fitted! No oil or water in bottom of cowling, very clean, few cobwebs(keeps the other bugs away, lol), but pics are as I found it. When the rain stops I'll go an spend a bit more time on it.





    And all the dirt and grime on cowling and boat is an easy clean, no mould.

    Cheers Muz
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    Re: Johnson 150hp id

    Starter just turning, not engaging the flywheel is probably just crap on the starter spline (bendix) a spray with WD40 will fix it, but, get a decent battery first. It might pay to get a small tank and get some fresh fuel in it first, I don't think that motor has a quick connect fuel line, so you might have to connect it direct, not difficult to do, a bit of outboard oil mixed in might be a good idea too. Pretty simple old motor, it should be fine.

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