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Thread: Winter whiting bag out 17/10/20

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    Winter whiting bag out 17/10/20

    With the weather forecast so good on Saturday, my boy and I took the opportunity to get session in. We left Shorncliffe at 0600 and we were back on the trailer by 1130 with our bag of whiting. Mainly 25-28cm with a few 30cm. Spent as much time filleting, skinning and boning the whiting as it did to catch them😁
    Fished off the big sand dunes on Moreton. Peeled prawn segments did the most damage with worm accounting for the larger models. Also used squid which also did well but not as good as the other two.

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    Re: Winter whiting bag out 17/10/20

    Thanks for the report and good to hear there still about.

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