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Thread: Landing Net Suggestions

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    Landing Net Suggestions

    I bought myself a Berkley catch and release style net. It appealed to me as it has a collapsible handle, making storage on the boat easier. Last Friday, I went for a fish and hooked the biggest flathead I have ever seen in real life, the problem was the net is to shallow, and the only thing fitting in the net was the fishes head, leaving the rest to thrash around. Then I tried to lift the fish by hand, it was still a bit green, and the inevitable happened.
    My Berkley net is now more collapsible than originally designed.
    Any suggestions on a landing net that is reasonably deep netted in design? I tend to do estuary fishing.

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    Re: Landing Net Suggestions

    I use a large size Frabill Hyber-net. Not cheap but about the best solution for a small boat I could find in terms of not being in the way. With most collapsible landing nets (and some fixed ones), lifting a heavy fish needs to be done from the frame of the net - not just the handle. The Frabill unit is no different in this regard. It does need to be oriented correctly when being collapsed but apart from that I have found it great.

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    Re: Landing Net Suggestions

    Landing nets are a pain at the best of times. Get a fish with those Berkley mets and you need to lift quickly and into the boat as those flatties can flick out. Bigger fish, even offshore it's best to lead the fish into the net and lift close to vertical otherwise the handles will snap. Shame you never got that trophy photo, maybe next time.

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    Re: Landing Net Suggestions

    That Frabill Hyber-net looks like a very interesting bit of kit. I will have to see who has them on the Sunny Coast. Roughly what price?

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    Re: Landing Net Suggestions

    Think from memory it cost me about $130.00 from Anaconda. Was a quite a few years back though.

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