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Thread: Successful September

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    Successful September

    It has been a pretty successful September land based fishing around the western side of Moreton Bay and in the Gold Coast Broadwater and the Nerang River. Whiting have been the mainstay with fish up 38cm but with plenty of bream, tarwhine and grunter bream when I went looking for them.

    You don't need a boat to consistently get a feed of fish.

    Here are a couple of recent videos - one from the Nerang River and one from Shorncliffe Pier

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    Re: Successful September

    Maxy is coming along well Daryl. When is he going to get his first Alvey and become a proper fisherman?
    Not all tools are usefull.
    Nappies and politicians should be changed regularly for the same reason..

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    Re: Successful September

    Good point. He has them and gets some good fish on them.

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    Re: Successful September

    Very nice fish mate, actually great to see a fishing report on here for a change.

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    Re: Successful September

    Yes Barry. It was a very old school post!!!

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